Fool yourself for as long as it fulfills you

When people tell you to simply move on, because you, and even them, see no future for you with that girl, should you really take action and break things up that fast, or should you instead go with the flow, tough always aware of where the river is taking you?

When you love a woman to a point where your happiness depends on her, you must try to find a good way to enjoy your time together without losing grip of reality during the remaining time, when you are on your own.

Thinks can get tangled in your head pretty fast once you stop living your life and start overthinking or obsessing over her life and her well-being, for you can’t control her decisions nor decide what makes her happy!

Even if her joy does not depend on you, and you know it, you should stick around if that comforts you and makes you grow as an individual. But now I’ll only ask you to not take it serious and get hurt when she notoriously ignores you. “Why isn’t my love being corresponded? It should, right? I’m being the nicest guy I possibly can with her! What more does she want?” Well probably she wants nothing at all from you, you are just there everytime and that’s cute and she may compliment you once in while, causing your heart to inflate, but soon she will get over it leaving you obsessing about all those kind words. “She may actually love me! Look at how she noticed me earlier! She surely feels something!”.

I’m sorry to say it, but she doesn’t. Nope! And there will come a phase when all the indifference she shows towards you will dig a whole on your chest. You will feel the blowing wind howling as it passes through, and you will have no means available to suture it. You can only give it some time and rest until it naturally heals.

The day you are fully recovered, a feeling of enlightenment and freedom will emerge in you as that old, tired and unfounded love for her was totally shut down.

After all this time things changed in you, on your mind, and those moody days where you floated between contentment and pain like a fallen leaf blown by the autumn chilling winds, well, those days are hopefully gone forever. You successfully dodged those winds that keep promising the rain still to come, the ones that leave you helpless and doubtful. Those who destroy your character and self-will.

Soon, it will be summer and the cold breeze will have its place taken by a salt saturated beach flurry bringing along hot blonde chicks in bikinis to help boost your recovery!

Salt water is the cure for all kinds of bruises! Every kind, with no exception!

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11 thoughts on “Fool yourself for as long as it fulfills you

  1. “All is fair in Love and War” make the most of every experience, learn from it and move on…and oh don’t forget to be passionate about everything that passes your way while you are still young, it makes for good memories! 🙂

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  2. Reblogged this on DOA:Writer and commented:
    I may not agree with all of that but you got me to read it with sincere eagerness. And I liked the way you put it in a simple and straightforward manner.
    Keep at it!


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