Why do I only want daughters?

Well it’s kind of a known fact that the big majority of men (and couples even) would prefer to have boys, not girls! At least if forced to only have one child.

Why would you want a little person that won’t grow up and be able to play football or appreciate the round butt of the babe walking in front of you by commenting it with notorious arousal?

Why would you want a fragile and soulful girl that cries while watching “Marley & Me”? Someone who shows their humanity through tears and aches with other’s pain and suffering, not worrying to hide those feelings behind a straight face, like we do?

Really! Why not having a man instead? Someone who can pee while standing and certainly won’t worry you with menstruation and unwanted pregnancies? See all the upsides of having a big boy as your kid!?

That’s immediately what we say when thinking about this. Boy or girl? Did you even notice that we always say “boy” before “girl”? Maybe it’s just because it sounds better that way. Anyway, girls are usually the second choice as we want a powerful heir to overthrone us when we’re too weak to lead and fight.

Girls will always be the delicate sissy sibling. Perhaps that’s the reason I crave girls in my future life, to help them discover the true strength behind their conspicuous weakness.

But of course we have no hand in it, and whatever comes out, will have to do and be loved. We can’t decide it and I’m conscious of it. We all are.

But if given a choice, I’d have no doubt! She would be born a girl, a pretty princess…

This because I think parenthood involves teaching and learning, loving and caring and women will always remain some sort of mystery to men’s eyes. Something we struggle to understand and fully appreciate throughout life. Men are fascinated by female nature and hungry for their big edgy hearts.

One of the most brilliant pieces of art I’ve experienced in my life so far would be a game called “The Last of Us”, along with it’s penetrating soundtrack. For me, the only game that feels real.

In its breathtaking cinematic intro, it flawlessly shows you the beautiful relation between a single father and his daughter Sarah. The sweet moments they share and how it sadly ends in a heartbreaking way, in a matter of seconds. And how, 20 years later, this broken dad, Joel, finally lives again when he meets Ellie, a brave orphan girl, who will touch his life so intensely and unexpectedly. This lucky encounter will cause him to return to being the old young guy he once was, a new man, capable of loving, and above all, of feeling like a father again.

I recommend you to watch this gameplay, at least this first scene, as it will definitely change your inner core; you will cry and feel it sink deep in your bones. Those first 15 minutes will awaken you forever. If you’re a man, you will definitely want a daughter after watching it.

Here’s the link to it: The Last of Us – Cinematic Intro

Drop your bedroom blinds, close the door and enjoy this short film!

With all this said, I know I will learn a lot more by walking hand in hand with a girl, as she will lead me to see different things in different ways, from a girl’s perspective, and that’s priceless!

I want a daughter for if I love her mother, I’d want my little woman to be as similar to her mom as possible. I want to look her in the eyes and see the woman I fell in love with, her silhouette resonantly echoing in them.

I want to feel that sort of pleasure while being handed with her tiny life to guide and protect.

This kind of love motivates us to be the best dads we can possibly be, by feeling at peace when playing with dolls alongside our baby girls.

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31 thoughts on “Why do I only want daughters?

    1. hehe that’s right.. you should. in the end, it’s just a matter of what we draw in our minds when we picture our future, an image that arises and in my case that image happens to be pink haha 😉 Thanks for reading!

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  1. Reblogged this on midnightepiphanies15 and commented:
    “I want a daughter for if I love her mother, I’d want my little woman to be as similar to her mom as possible. I want to look her in the eyes and see the woman I fell in love with, her silhouette resonantly echoing in them.

    I want to feel that sort of pleasure while being handed with her tiny life to guide and protect.”
    Why can’t more men think like this! I think this absolutely defines pure love.

    This kind of love motivates us to be the best dads we can possibly be, by feeling at peace when playing with dolls alongside our baby girls.

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  2. I have three daughters and you are right…it’s wonderful. You are a wise young man and a lovely writer. My husband is a great dad to my girls for many reasons but partly because of a few things you mentioned. #1 He loved me selflessly – in front of them. #2. He treated them all like a princess so they would know what to expect in a man. #3 He taught them that though they may be tender in ways that men are not, they have an incredible strength and should use it.
    Btw, thanks for liking my blog yesterday. I look forward to reading more of what you have to say. Have a great weekend.

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    1. Thank you so much!! 🙂
      Loved to read your comment on this, coming from someone who is a mom and has true experience on this matter.
      Best wishes, hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.


  3. A woman’s pregnancy is god’s gift blessed upon the couple. Cherish it when ur turn comes.
    My worst enemy had been my BAD TIME and ugly people tried to kill my happiness.

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  4. I just love this post and all these heartfelt comments! It speaks to my husband and my wishes of having a baby girl. I do believe we play some part in choosing whether or not we’ll have a girl or boy–I feel it’s a consciousness. Time will only tell if I am right, but I’m a firm believer if you want something for all the right reasons, and not selfish reasons, you will be rewarded by the universe. Speak her into existence Rick! 🙂

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  5. I absolutely love what you wrote, in particular those last few paragraphs. So simple, touching, beautiful…would you be willing to let me quote some of what you wrote in one of my future blogs? Direct quote, also with a link to your blog? (I never want to steal the words of others!)

    I have said many times over that one of my favorite things about becoming a momma has been watching the bond grow between my daughter and my husband. I adore their love – it’s so genuine, so precious – I’ve fallen in love again with my J….and he is always telling me how our girl has “broken him.”

    “Broken” = his heart opened up ❤️

    It’s the best thing in the world!

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    1. Oh I’d love if you quoted me 😉 . That’s amazing! Feel free to do it, or whatever else you want with my words. Thank you, glad you liked it. Of course I do not know from experience what it’s like to have a daughter, but I dream of it that way! 🙂

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  6. All I ever wanted were little girls! I wasn’t like other moms-t0-be who said, “I don’t care if baby is a boy or girl, as long as he or she is healthy.” Of course, all parents want their babies to be healthy…that was always an unspoken understanding for me. So, when I would be asked that question, “What do you want?” I always quickly piped up “A GIRL!” (I let my husband drop the “as long as baby is healthy” line). My girls are the perfect combination of dainty and rough-and-tumble, tomboys if you will. But, there is something exquisitely special about the relationship between a father and daughter. To say my heart overflows watching my husband with our girls would be quite an understatement.

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  7. 😍 in my case he wanted girl and I wanted boy , and she is daddy’s for ever lol lil princess is just his sidekick while my boy is mine yet we are opposite of normal she the adventures type of girl and he ain’t 😂😂😂 but I didn’t wanted a girl bc i dint want to face me hahaha JK Im not a good fashion hero and i was scare I was not good enough for her yet she is the light of this house and I will never have it differently

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  8. Enjoyed the reference to The Last of Us. A truly epic game and a great stroy. Look out for the movie! Regarding kids, if I could choose, i would also want a girl.

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