At first sight

Have you ever experienced that moment when you see some girl somewhere, and unexpectedly she grabs your focus. She has that look when she gazes you. She is just normally looking at you but it feels so embarrassingly warm, you get nervous and maybe smile, or maybe you look away, but you will certainly look again! You can’t avoid it.

For me this can’t be called LOVE at first sight as I think that would be a wrong, ungrounded and mistaken definition of it. Love doesn’t start in seconds, it takes at least some considerable amount of time, or something substancial that leads you to love her.

Love can be lots of things, but not magic! It needs reason although it always starts with undeliberate feelings! Love is a paradox, the best one!

But continuing to discuss the matter of the girl you saw standing there in line, on one of those crazy summer sales days, where crowds surround you and noisily try to distract you. Well… they try! But you only see that one woman holding a digital camera and a 8 GB memory card (oh! maybe she likes photography. That’s a plus for me!), waiting in line five steps behind you. You were swept out of your feet, doesn’t matter if she is 10 or 30, blonde or brunette, married or single. One look and her eyes owned you!

And the interesting part is that you’ll never know her age or her marital status, you don’t know her and probably never will. It’s an awkwardly good sensation, to be capable of nurturing this kind of attraction towards a stranger.

“Enough of this craziness already” you think, let’s not feed it and let it root in my head.

This spontaneous feeling of love, lust and infatuation altogether takes place once in a while, unexpectedly and unfoundedly, but it sure feels like real love, even if only for mere seconds.

You may even imagine yourself with her in a few years, shopping in this same electronics store, as a couple, buying a baby monitor only to guarantee your new-born green-eyed blondie doesn’t jump out of the crib in the middle of the night.

This is what I’m talking about! Crazy stupid Love?… hmm, no… perhaps Infatuation?. Nope! More like crazy stupid imagination you fuel with thoughts of love and passion.

Well, then you go home and by the time you lay down to sleep one more night, you feel surprised as you can’t remember her face no more. And that’s pretty much how it goes…

Thanks little Inês, for your inspiringly adorable presence…


13 thoughts on “At first sight

  1. Forgive me for completely stalking your blog, but I am drawn to your words and I can’t seem to get enough of them.
    This is all too true for me. I am the worst at seeing a guy wherever I am and becoming immersed in him, not being able to look away. I do that thing you mentioned about where I picture us down the road, together, doing ordinary things and I don’t even know his name, age, occupation. When I think about it, it seems ridiculous. Why do I do that?
    I am glad to know that I am not the only one who has done this. I really like your view on it! 🙂

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  2. This is something that I struggled with in my youth. I was infatuated with the idea of love at first sight. Blinded by the idea really. So anytime I had those moments I obsessed over them. It was in part owed to growing up watching movies that supported this idea. I want to see more real life love stories.

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    1. I never knew of such a love existed until i met the one soul that I connect with, its amazing I tell you. I never ever believed that what i saw in the movies could happen in real life, it was when i was at a dark time in my life i happened to unexpectedly met the love of my life. It was like the movies and still is 🙂 you can read about my life , love experience with my twin soul and everything in-between and he, my love also shares all his insights of life and love on his blog
      Its deep, spiritual, emotional, xx

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      1. I find these things and they fill me with warmth. I too felt this as real as you described, in my new life I have an abundance of everything, money, health, life, lifestyle, everything, and yet none of it compares to having the feeling you describe, I chase that feeling with others but I haven’t found it, I’m not sure I will, maybe I only shared this feeling with that one person, maybe you did too – either way, at least it was real which is something nobody cam deny no matter what the outcome, because at one stage in life it was perfect, even if perfect doesn’t have a happy ending. Maybe happy endings ain’t for us – Steve Q, husband of Suszie Qq


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