Love is wisdom

The walk of love can be really tortuous at moments but have a delightful taste in others. All you have to do is observe all situations and learn from them.

Exploit your worried mind and convert it into a brilliant one, for Dire Straits already said in this brilliant song:

Why worry, there should be laughter after the pain
There should be sunshine after rain
These things have always been the same
So why worry now”


Life cannot be lived and understood if you’re too upset and blind to look around you. There is infinite beauty in our world, ready and waiting for you to find it. Your soul craves that natural perfection in an attempt to make you see reason in things, but you always block it. You close your eyes afraid of getting hurt by what you’ll see, but instead you are dragging yourself and your spirit into a inhospitable and dark place. A place where nothing grows but depression and irresolution, ignorance and fear, inertia and death.

So make sure you do the best you can to open your eyes and look within. Look within yourself for the answer lies right there at plain sight. Stop procrastinating! Move your lazy neurons, reach out and seize it!

Love every day and every day you’ll be granted something new.

Love every moment and every moment will become a unique memory.

Love every person and every person will find you lovable.

Love spreads fast and easy, do not cut it back only because you fear change…

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15 thoughts on “Love is wisdom

  1. Is there some other way to be?? Like any of us ever reach that perfection. lol but …That is walking in love, just as Yeshuah did. Hope that doesn’t offend you in any way, but you described it perfectly. 🙂

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    1. No it doesn’t offend me in any way. 😉 Nice comment. The thing about love and the love experience is that you must enjoy it freely, not by leeching other’s attention and affection. Love comes and goes, and when it leaves you, you must find yourself in that solitude or you’ll be lost forever! Loving is moving on too sometimes!

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