What do Sims teach you about Love?

Making another Sim fall in love with you is pretty much like resolving an equation, one mouse drag plus two clicks and a flirty potion and BOOM! A new couple is born in a matter of minutes. However there is a few elementary steps and actions which need to take place if you expect that relationship bar to start rising, and now I’m not talking only about the game. Life itself is a great game!

Follow these basic principles necessary to awaken your crush to a lifelong love:

  1. You friendly introduce yourself and get to know her a little better. In a while you should know what her personality traits are. When you do, initiate interesting talks regarding that theme. She will “friend” you in no time!
  2. Loosen her up by telling amusingly flirty jokes, but be careful as you can ruin everything with a single wrong move! You can’t go too dirty too soon, give her time! If you do it right, her fun status bar will surely take a leap. You are getting there!
  3. Make an effort to retain her gaze towards you and interest in what you’re saying. Take the chatter to a deeper level as you start to understand her line of thoughts. She will open up more and more, just as she grows fonder of you.
  4. After all the effort you put in this first and charming approach, when the crush phase sets in, move on for a little peck or tender kiss. This will set things on fire! There is not much you can do to ruin it now. She loves you!
  5. You finally reached the Romantic level, you are so into each other, keep throwing logs into this love bonfire. Making out or giving her a nice compliment will keep things flowing, as well as offering her a rose you mysteriously grasp from your back pocket (apparently you have an infinite stock, they just breed in there!). Ten minutes passed and you’re already going down on her. See!? Love is magic and amazing, it happens and there is no way or need of controlling it.

Well I think we can say that you made it! She is yours, forever if you want to, just keep making the right moves (or clicks) at the right time.

In the mean time, be careful not to let her jump into a stairless pool or end up immolated while making you some pancakes.

If you are unfortunate enough to let it occur, I’m only hoping you have a previous game backup so you can take a second chance on love.

PS: Please install a fire alarm, it’s been there since Sims 1! Enough of needless incidents already!

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3 thoughts on “What do Sims teach you about Love?

  1. This was hilarious but so true! It’s been years since I last played Sims. I used to love everything about the games except for the unfortunate events that were mentioned here. I especially hated the toaster oven! That thing constantly started fires.

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