Let Coldplay show you the way!

A few months ago I dived (or should I say sank) for the first time into the heavenly world of Coldplay songs. I’ll admit only bad or painful life experiences usually take you to like and understand Coldplay. Maybe you’re hurt, broken, disappointed, feeling alone or desperate. Countless depressing moods will get you to listen to this indescribably good band.

You start with the famous singles then you sink deep into the unknown, full albums containing flawless and brilliantly written meaningful tunes. An endless roaring sea of feelings hidden behind blissfuly struck notes.

I will make a time trail describing the evolution of Love using only Coldplay tracks, displayed in order, from the first love spark to the ruthless and heart-tearing end of the relationship.

It would begin with “Green Eyes”, the most profound and lovable tune you will find, the true reflection of love expressed through that soul-melting melody. This song will definitely make you think of someone, someone you were probably thinking of before it even started. Yes, if she came to your mind now, you definitely love her!

Then, in case your love is offered in vain, I’d fly to “Shiver”, a shout to the struggle of unrequited love, you hurt too much as you need her but she never even sees you. It’s an unbearable but sad truth.

Following, I would drag you to “I Ran Away”, melancholic and monotonous melody that takes you somewhere really far away from where you stand. It talks about not being able to fully engage in love as you start feeling some growing distance towards her or vice-versa, for unknown reasons. A cool feeling invades you as you don’t belong there anymore, you have her love on call, and yet your day is not so full, like it used to.

Your absence broke things and left marks between you two and now you want to apologize, so you sing her “Trouble”, an honest cry asking for forgiveness, an expression of genuine regret, showing how much you care for her, and admitting the emptiness caused by the break up is crushing you!

Now let’s pursue with “The Hardest Part”, which explains the penetrating pain that comes with letting go. Letting go will happen, it has to happen, but it will kill you. That’s for sure! You can’t avoid it as there is no other way around, but you should be strong enough to try and fight it as it cold-bloodedly consumes you.

To finalize in grand class I would put one more. “O” had to be the ultimate choice for the ultimate phase, the moment of acceptance towards the arrival of the true end. It’s over and now all you can and must do is be grateful for all the time you spent with her. It was worth it for both of you, you loved each other truthfully. This song is an uplifting goodbye with maybe a little pinch of hope that things, someday, may return to what they were, for in your heart you still want her, you still hold her intense gaze in a specially unique compartment of your heart. It will, doubtlessly, remain in there forever…

If you’re a hardcore Coldplay listener I presume you already know them all, if you don’t, I would advise you to look them up as soon as possible. You won’t regret it!

PS: You REALLY must listen to “Don’t Panic” as it is for me the beautifulest song regarding life appreciation on it’s purest form, the joy you should try to find on the simplest moments, tasting the pure essence of what keeps you alive and breathing, and rising from there to become the strongest version of yourself.

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14 thoughts on “Let Coldplay show you the way!

  1. I took my daughter to a Coldplay concert about two years ago. There were thousands of little glowing wristbands that would light up at various times; it was amazing. But much more amazing was the beauty on my daughter’s face as she observed the crowd dancing and smiling joyfully to Coldplay’s magic. I leaned toward her and said, “My dear, you are getting a small glimpse into heaven.”

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    1. Yeah, i don’t know what kind of songs Yoga classes demand, maybe more like zen melodies, but however this tunes are really fullfilling and inspirational, so I think it would be an interesting choice! Thanks for your feeedback! 😉

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      1. LoL.. yes having deeply inner feelings open more your mind and you become more receptive…in any case worth to discover Coldplay. there is another painful music band that I love and it is ARCHIVE check them out if you don’t know them yet I got captured by them! 😉

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