Am I emotionally attached to an object?

I’m not talking about the usual connection you develop towards your Ipod, watch or even your lucky pen. This post is especially directed to those who have loved in silence without grand hope of being loved back, hopeless romantics who fell into the dark pit of unrequited love.

You certainly know how it feels to gaze that one girl with delight and pride, at 3 a.m. after having a few good drinks. You can’t avoid it! With all these hot chicks flying around and she is the only one you look at, the only one you love.

Well, in those drunk early mornings/late nights there’s always a lot of strange moments and things said and done, that lately will inevitably sink into oblivion.

Maybe earlier that evening she asked you to keep her lighter for a while because girls pants never come with proper pockets, and she was probably too tipsy to find one.

This situation can happen regarding any meaningless and absurd little object which you only later will notice you possess, when you are about to undress yourself to sleep in the morning, after such epic night.

Time goes by, days pass and you, now and then, look at the lighter now laying lost in your wardrobe. “Why is it still here? Why haven’t I tossed it away already!?”

Well… Maybe because you can’t. That object means now something to you, that lighter became unique just as soon as her silky hands touched it. It was hers, now its yours. Perhaps destiny brought it to you. You can’t dispose of it as the lighter is the only gift she ever gave you. You are afraid of losing it, and forgetting the memories attached to it, that night with her.

The lighter is now a souvenir of a beautiful landscape you may never touch or see again for she is not yours, and you not hers. She is a good friend now, but friendships fueled by one-sided love (your longing for her) are bounded to end, and her eyes you may never behold again. That’s life!

And so you keep it, expectantly hoping this lighter wasn’t the last she lost to you!

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