Toughen up and destroy residual love

So, I heard your heart got broken… again!! She is not what you thought of her, and now it’s over, she is consuming you and there is no way of washing away the bitterness in your mouth.

When you find yourself frustrated and disappointed, miserable because your heart was crushed without any kind of warning, you’ll be granted two different paths to choose from:

There will be the dark hidden rocky trail leading somewhere downhill, some sort of devil’s den where all your sorrow and life regrets converge to spook you; and the other one, an empty driveway surrounded by beautiful mystical forest. You look up and see nothing but a dancing grayish-green dense canopy leading up to the untouched crimson sky.

Perhaps you feel hesitant, I’ll help you to choose then! The right option would be the sapling’s route, the one with all the natural life flowing freely and brisk. I suppose that’s what you want, a new fresh start!

Along this walk you’ll observe some wild fearing beasts creeping in, your memories, haunting you once in a while. But you won’t crunch down under some fallen sequoia waiting for the danger to come and take a bite off of you, you’ll light a torch, scare them off and move on.

A new character must emerge in you before night sets in. Survival is of the essence. You are the last of us, with no one left behind to help you. An aggressive yet grounded mood is what you will need to outlast this nightmare, to fight it back to where it came from and set the sun free again.

As your journey continues, transformation is going to consume you as you evolve and become an utterly different persona. You ain’t afraid of the demons! Not anymore, those days are gone, and here you prevail, looking ahead of you, aiming for that warm crimson peak.

Nothing can stop you now, as you killed that miserable, desolate and broken-hearted part of you. You were tough enough, you defied and rebelled against your heart’s wish to stay stuck and dolent. You challenged it to change, and your heart acceded to your request, armouring itself with a confidence shield coated in self-love.

The more you walk, the farther you distance yourself from the starting point, the old times. Soon, your mind will demand such space to keep pictures of all these new passing landscapes, that when you try recalling what made you take the first steps, there is nothing left, no more soul-stirring sadness to remember. You finally achieved the needed mental state to move on, so don’t even consider stopping now!

Keep it going! – for the ride is boundless and surprising!

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6 thoughts on “Toughen up and destroy residual love

  1. I could totally relate to this post. There was a time, now that I revisit it, when I thought I could never move on. But today, after mustering all the courage, I stand afar from what emotional state I once was in. Still learning though!

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  2. Seems our paths are a lot alike.
    And yet I haven’t really given thought to beeing this brave and optimistic in quite a while now. I must confess I’ve been lingering up and down some dark and gloomy paths not really going one direction or another. Maybe it’s about time I mounted for war again.

    Thank you for your inspiring words.

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