Right man for the wrong woman

You are a good and handsome man, so intelligent and caring! You may have already heard this from your grandma’s mouth. You will be successful and find the princess you always dreamed of. She guaranteed it while you sat on her lap, listening. What she didn’t think of was that the issue will possibly be finding the proper lady for you. For princesses there are tons, but Snow Whites there is but one. And you must find her if you wish it to work!

All this to expose the fact that only the right one will find you good and handsome, smart and caring (well, perhaps not just one, perhaps Ariel or Cinderella dig you too. You are a prince, remember?). For these few women you will always be looking shiny and tall like an armoured fortress, even in your worst days. They will crave your flaws and sew those slashes on your defeated body while you gaze their natural effortless beauty (however, for this job, I would suggest getting anyone but Aurora, as she doesn’t know how to properly work a needle!).

You’re lucky! The princess for you won’t want you slaying any dragons, they favour having you close and in one piece than a winner far from sight. It’s easier on them that way, as they hate waiting on balcony while the sun sets, just for you to grab their hair and climb back to safety. (Believe me, It’s boring and disenchanting, Rapunzel professed it with disgust when I asked her). They just want you there! They need you!

In the right princess’s eyes, you can’t avoid but being the prince of her dreams.

I can’t understand why people say Disney’s fairy tales are such dreamy stories, full of sweet deceptions and impossible nuances.

Long-lasting perfect love seems believable to me!

Can I be wrong or am I, percase, a prince who knows it can happen?

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9 thoughts on “Right man for the wrong woman

  1. Not every man is a prince, not every woman is a princess. Not all princes want or need a princess, and vice versa. Not every man wants to do all the saving and protecting just as not every woman wants to be saved or protected all the time (by someone else). Taking the metaphor beyond connotations of “macho” and “fragile,” every person wants to be admired, adored, desired for, understood, accepted and respected. Not every person is ready to give and receive these things so effortlessly.

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