Love, Lust or Infatuation?

Well, any of these three words regard an intense feeling of desire or appreciation towards someone. However they don’t mean nearly the same.

Let’s start with INFATUATION, the first and easiest to experience, (in my opinion) for there is certainly a considerable number of girls you’ll remind to have softened your heart a bit, during your life. This tenderness which got in you, entered fast and unreasonably. It just happened. “Why?”, you can’t say exactly.

Maybe she is beautiful, or funny, seems independent and believable; or possibly all these together. You suddenly like her a lot and really care for her; in your mind you already find yourself travelling the world and loving that woman endlessly and forever. But as it came quick and unexpectedly, it can go just as easily. Give it some time and she will leave, and memories will vanish. One year later, you will question yourself in surprise: “Why can’t I remember the way those big hazel eyes gazed me!? I want to but it seems like I can’t!” You realize she is gone and you are not that hurt. Should you be able to forget someone like that? Well! Maybe, I don’t know. Life is like that, uncertain and discontinuous. But let’s continue…

I will pick LUST now. Uuhh! When you figure this word in your mind, you get hotter, maybe dirtier, perhaps stupider and feverish (especially if you are a man, because guys can’t avoid thinking of sex, right!? Every eight seconds, there they are again… Boring! That’s what studies affirm tough).

This urge is defined as a strong sexual desire, longing or appetite. A desire you can’t hide or kill (and I’m not talking about some unwanted awakening in your pants), you really crave that pretty sexy thing; you want her, dream crazy dreams about such a perfectly fiery and fancy woman. How is she a real thing, standing right there? You are onto her, and this state of mind is not based nor justified with lots of rational or deep feelings. Something surged in you, the moment you noticed this goddess pass by with some tight clothes, or maybe she just glanced at you, casually, with those gray stormy eyes, promising hot flood and silver lightning which would, undoubtedly, eradicate all that yearny thirst for love within you.

Now, let’s talk about the L word! After all, this is why this blog is up and running. Oh yeah!, this weird and hot topic.

LOVE is strong, love is sweet, love is weakness and strength at the same time. Love has the potential to be insanely good or icy cold (frosty enough to open a crack in you, so extensive, you won’t be able to repair. And maybe (I believe so) that protruding fracture you have now, it’s what opens and frees you to receive the love yet to arrive).

Love is unfounded affection and restless caring. You just can’t avoid it, she means more to you than yourself. There is no way out of that (at least in short-term, or until she slices your heart open and leaves you wounded and alone. But in this post’s perfect scenery it won’t happen. We’ll believe so).

She crashed your world and then glued it all together in a prettier yet imperfect way, and its lovely how she did it, and you are so grateful for it. She, your beloved, will leave you feeling incomplete when she is absent, sad when she is not there, hopeless when she goes away.

And this is it, love is this simple, and this hard; it’s everything whilst nothing at all.

Love is ridicule.


14 thoughts on “Love, Lust or Infatuation?

  1. IN our world, the “L” word seems very often mal-defined. It is often profoundly misunderstood and confused with other definitions when something stirs inside. Because of this, It brings tears, sadness, even crimes of “passion” unto death – which is the extreme paradox, to me. Yet It is something that is within the grasp, the realization of us all – as Mother Teresa’s prayer tells us – just do it anyway, without waiting for reciprocity. It then exudes a “magic” that makes you whole because It is within you, free to be gifted, just as freely to be accepted…or rejected, as The Other chooses. It is Being.

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  2. I extremely love what you write! It’s simply beautiful! I even like your idea if publishing a blog everyday like a dairy! ❤ BTW thanks for your support! ^_^

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  3. I quite like what you have to say about love and by reading this I can say these sentiments are things that go through my mind!
    Thank you for reading my poem. Love when sincere is precious!

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  4. Hi there. Thank you for earlier follow of my blog. You’ve chosen a topic that has confounded human beings throughout the ages – good luck and look forward to your unravelling of what can be an emotion fraught with complexity despite us all chasing after it 🙂

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  5. Great post but: If you have been truly loved, you will know love is certainly not ridicule…. You will find that out when the right and true love comes along. 🙂

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  6. INFATUATION, the first and easiest to experience —> WORD!
    and i think this is the easiest to resolve especially if you know that feeling is going nowhere 😉


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