What is true beauty?

This is such a recurrent question in our life. Is she really beautiful? (according to global parameters of prettiness, like if they existed haha!) and what makes a woman beautiful to a common men’s eyes? (and we sure look a lot).

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”

We all have heard this expression now and then during our lives. And the truth is actually as simple as what that quote is telling you! Each person has is own and intimate image of perfection. It would be impossible for two people to draw the same perfect goddess, (maybe because the majority of us can’t draw; but even if everyone had the blessed hand of Leonardo Da Vinci, still then, one single painting being claimed as symbol of flawlessness, would be wrong and completely inaccurate).

The variety of traits all around the Earth are countless and some even unimaginable for me and you. Accordingly, worldwide tastes vary as much as phenotypic characteristics.

But let me expose to you, what my preferences are, so you can bully me with comments on how wrong you think I am.

For me, the ultimate girl would be blonde, with a tall and elegant body, not too curvy, with any kind of light-colored eyes (blue, green, gray…); just like the one in the picture above, that’s why I chose that beautiful woman to figure on this post (obviously…). So!? What do you think? You will probably call my taste pretty common and normal, as a lot of men like this attributes shown on a women. But let’s not forget the other half of male population who digs brunettes (the wise guys, because we all know blondes are dumb, right!?. Well, NO!, of course not).

Individual inclination may probably change depending on your life experiences, your geographical location, or even on how the first girl you fell in love with looked like.

But there is one aspect we can’t ignore, which is not the physical look but instead all the prettiness involving a woman’s mind (yes, a spongy brain can be so sexy! Really!) and the femininity inherent to the opposite sex.

Thus, I would recommend you (and this goes for me as well!) to challenge yourselves in the next time you meet a woman and try to discover something beyond what’s already at sight. And if you do it, you will see there is a lot of good stuff that lies beneath the surface, good stuff you would never find if you don’t dare to put aside your ideals for a moment, and go talk to that chubby weird-looking girl sitting right next to you.

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29 thoughts on “What is true beauty?

  1. My taste in women changes, sure the woman in the picture is pretty, she has (from what I can see) a great figure, but would she be my IDEAL woman, I don’t know, she may open her mouth and everything would be wrong.

    But beauty isn’t all about looks, in fact not even mainly about looks. Beauty manifests itself in little things, the way she’ll reach for your hand as you walk down the street. The way she’ll play with your hair as you cuddle in bed. A beautiful (looking) woman who is full of scorn and hatred isn’t beautiful, she is ugly.

    Examples of ultimate girls are difficult, because the level of ultimate changes, in fact I do not believe in ultimate or in perfection, there is no such thing as perfect, but she can be imperfectly perfect.

    I sometimes mention ““her” on my site, but I’ve purposely not put in many details because she changes, although I guess what falls under beauty doesn’t… not really, in my head I know it, I just cannot find the appropriate words.

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    1. Well, I think I’ve already, more or less, answered that question once. (It’s on the About Me page)
      I presume you started thinking about it after reading this post. Basically I wrote about equality on love, independently of looks, right!? The outside does not, or should not matter.
      You have a point, and you chose the right post to comment on it.
      To be really short and truthful it’s simply because we all have our preferences, what we consider as our ideal of physical beauty (and this does not imply that I respect “coloured” woman or people less than whites. Not at all).
      So yes, I find the women I display on the posts, the most appealing to me. And as I’m the writer, well, I feel more inspired if I present myself (and to you) an environment that awakens in me a deeper feeling of connection between what I show and what I feel when I write.
      Look at those girls as if they are my “muses”. And yes, you probably won’t see black, asian,… muses because I honestly don’t consider them as “pretty”.
      Thanks for your comment! 😉
      Glad you enjoy my writing.
      Best wishes, Ricardo

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      1. Thank you for replying so promptly, and I respect what you have to say. I totally agree with having a certain type that you are physically attracted to. When I was younger, I used to be attracted to only one type of guy. Then I fell madly in love with someone outside of my race / background, and that was the end of me sticking to one type. The beauty of that person transcended race and physical features. Love transformed my idea of what is considered beautiful. When you observe someone with transfixed eyes of love, you become an artist, and she becomes a masterpiece, because all you see is her magnificence which inspires you to create. Yes, that person becomes your muse, as you so aptly described. I hope that in your lifetime you get to experience it with many different types of women, to crave a woman who has dark chocolate, velvety skin and piecing charcoal eyes, as much as a shimmering, fair, emerald eyed woman. It will enrich the writer / artist in you. It will make you more passionate than you are right now.
        Looking forward to reading more from you. Looking forward to see you transform.

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        1. That’s totally true.
          Sometimes we lack certain experiences that will change our core, make us understand there’s more behind what we tend to ignore, a hidden content that will probably surprise us and makes us fall in love too. 😉

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  2. I always knew when my daughters were in love – when they came home with boys that didn’t fit their check lists. Being in love makes everyone seem beautiful (or handsome as the case may be). lol!

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  3. Interesting article; I’ve always wanted to see what inner beauty was like for men. Although I’m a woman, I’ve learned stereotypes at my drama school for our own productions. For me, inner beauty is the true heart of life; by that, I mean it doesn’t matter what you look like, it’s what you believe – in yourself rather than others. I really enjoyed reading this article. 🙂

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  4. Individual inclination DOES change, depending on every factor you’ve mentioned. Not every aspect of life should be offensive, and this article is very true and honest, yet a little funny because we are all the same in so many ways. Down south (Florida) specifically, you have the so-called Latin lovers….Where as up North, you have the tatted up…..or not, lumbersexuals⬅that’s a real type of person😄 The take on beauty up North, is so much more natural than the standard of beauty in Florida. So, you become attracted to the choices that you have at hand. Perhaps it is psychological…..or the mere fact that those “lumbers” are easy on the eyes. Nice article

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    1. Exactly! We may not be blind, but we surely are not deaf or heartless.
      Each side has it’s weight on how we judge people, that’s a fact. But to feel real atraction and affection there has to be more than simply a beautiful face and a pleasing body.

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  5. When my youngest son was in the second grade, I discovered that had a crush on a certain pig tailed goddess, who possessed an uncommon beauty. I asked him what he thought made her so pretty. My son looked at me like bats were flying out of my ears and said, “Mommy, ALL girls are beautiful.if ya just know how to look at em.” True to his early philosophy, he’s brought home girls who looked like the most delicate China dolls to big girls, to punk rock chicks with green Mohawks. To him, every single one was as beautiful as any of the others.

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  6. I appreciate the honesty in this post, because men are visual. But I think it depends on how deeply you value women. Personally I love women and what I view as attractive is far wider then what the media tell me is beautiful. Great post though!

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