Meeting another broken heart will make you whole

When it seems like everything you’ve known so far just ended. Wait! Because something is about to change, something or someone will appear in your life, maybe already did and you are just too up in your head to notice it.

Look around…

There is an infinity of people in our planet (7,327,830,057 in this exact second, to be more precise), and you can’t deny that at least one of them would love to meet you. You’d talk, share stories, give a couple of weird advices, and in the end of this first meeting, whoever she may be, and independently of the country she lives on, or how old she is, you now know her and she knows you; you both exist for each other. 

The only thing you have got to focus on is that she is now grateful for having met you today and some intrinsic changes occurred in one another’s heads and hearts. All because of a simple (and probably random) online message or innocent “Hello”.

She is now thinking how amazing of a guy you are because; you just opened up your mind and soul to her (you needed to), and it felt good for both of you. And following all this you are probably wondering how and why she fell from what looks like heaven or some other illuminated place, because she is just not human, she is an angel fallen from somewhere far away for here, some surreal place you couldn’t even dream of. She is different and amazing.

But well, she is there. You are here. Both of you are open and available  now. and it surely feels amazing to open yourself up to someone (I imagine you already forgot how it felt to be happy again, since you’ve been inside your ripped heart and busy mind for too long now).

The more you will know her and analyze her, (and probably stalk her on Facebook), the more you’ll love her. But it’s different this time, this love holds a unique scent and exteriorizes a brilliant and fluffy look. You finally feel that she might be the real one; and not the other one, the past one you’ve spent over 4 years dreaming of having. The one you thought was the woman for you and the love of your life. But you know what, life isn’t a dream, nor there are princesses who will fall for you with a simple magical look or kiss.

So, moving on, you have a real girl now (finally!), tuned into you and willing to know the most absurd and deep thoughts rushing your mind right now. She is here, and she wants to feed on your soul, because, just like you, she also feels empty and broken, and thinks that whatever little remains from her true self, isn’t pretty to show, and as a result she will hold onto you as a pilar of strenght and a bringer of wise advice and understanding to her life.

She will learn with you and you from her, and as a result of this meeting something will rise within you, something buried in you so deeply, you assumed you’d never find it again.

Love will start to give its signs, surprisingly. After all, she woke you up and you are more alive now than you ever were before. A will to gaze at the twilight sky, and take a photo of the rising moon to send her will surge in you, as you now understand that your eyes are capable of seeing the beauty in things. All that sadness and tears haven’t blinded you, only blurred your vision for a while, probably for too long. But you are fine now and you finally see some flashes of light burning the fog you put yourself into.

True love always wins, and you will never be able to deny the good ingrained in you. You are capable of a smile or a kind word. You just need someone available and willing to hear it, and when she listens to your thoughts and emotion, a feeling of peace and gratitude will come to her as she understands this confrontation of two broken hearts would have to happen inevitably.

This was your only way of living again, a new beginning, a new head, a new heart, destined for only you to meet.

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22 thoughts on “Meeting another broken heart will make you whole

  1. F*&^ing WOW. This is brilliant. Although you have written this from a males point of view, I feel this, I lived this, I continue to live this real love, with my true love. This resonates with me 100% from a females view. I understand and know of every emotion you state in this piece of your writing. I am so glad I found your blog, funnily enough, I found you through your “like” on my true loves blog which is . Quick note, you must read his post “a heart ill be jealous of forever” , its all about love. ❤ I am so excited to read all your posts now after reading this one x

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  2. “All that sadness and tears haven’t blinded you, only blurred your vision for a while, probably for too long. But you are fine now and you finally see some flashes of light burning the fog you put yourself into.”

    Making me tear up, man. Thanks for the lovely words.

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  3. I just read through quite a few of your posts as you might be able to tell from all the “likes”. I love what you have to say. Your mind and heart is beautiful. I feel encouraged and inspired for I can easily relate to your posts.

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  4. Simply beautiful… There’s always someone out there.. A stranger who is gonna be everything with just a moment to start with… It’s amazing how that happens… Two broken hearts becoming whole loved that thought

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