Break your heart and finally feel free

It’s curious how you feel so alive and well when you’ve completely fallen in love with someone. However, that beautiful felling around your belly that warms your heart will probably start to put its weight on you, as you begin to understand that your beloved doesn’t love you that much after all. Maybe it was an illusion; it sure felt good, but now its over and you’ve got to deal with it like a man.

A break up can be one of the hardest thing you will ever experience in life, and I suppose and totally feel that the first time it happens, it leaves that bitter taste; and that taste wont leave your mouth, at least for a while (but I don’t dare to say it will remain forever, because you’ll see it won’t); for that taste is a valuable lesson you had the privilege of learning.

Feeling forced to erase all feelings you have longed for someone for how long of a time it had been (doesn’t matter how much), seems impossible at first, especially when/if that ending has shocked you in some way. You just didn’t expect it at all, probably because you chose to close your eyes and not see the real truth happening all around you.

We say its difficult to get over a loved one and the memories shared. And now, I’m presuming you really had a fruitful relationship with that person, and that the love you lost was really real at some point of your life. The two of you were something, a couple, something physically tangible.

Now, let me explain another situation. How about you loving someone you never truly had. She is just a friend, or seems like it, at least for those more distracted being too in love with each other to notice the fact that you fell in love with pretty blonde classmate everyone knows but no one dares to want. Let’s see…

The feeling you hold for that girl may be unfounded for some, stupid for others, but for you is the realest thing you have felt, and you are sure now that it will last forever. Because true love never dies, right!?

Supposing she just loves you as friend and can’t see the brilliant guy you are inside, and how you could be capable of loving her in an unimaginable way for her (not for you, because you are tired of thinking how everything would happen between the two of you, every step, every kiss, everything all planned in your sweet and lovely mind); something so deep she simply can’t see, her mind can’t touch it. That’s why she ignores you, because she is being a fool. But as you are in love, you just prefer to look at the indifference as something normal. And if you actually try to change your way of looking at this, one day she will gaze at you again during english class, with those mesmerizing baby blues, and you will take it all back and sink deep into love again. Just like that, a look and you’re hers to play again (if she wanted, but you are not that lucky!).

Now let’s face the truth here. She knows how much you need her (because girls now that shit), but she doesn’t see you at all. You are just that guy from the back row who is always smiling when she looks back.

So how do you end something that does not exist? You don’t, you simply get wiser, and hopefully, one day, you will be able to look at her objectively and feel nothing again. That’s pretty much how it goes, because she doesn’t deserve you, and you definitely don’t deserve someone who doesn’t deserve you. It would be a double illusion. A really sad but real truth.

You will see, that now you’ve finally released yourself from that downward spiral of unrequited love, you will feel free again, and willing to find the right girl for you. And yes, if things didn’t work out with the love of your life, it happened for a reason. There is someone out there who simply felt undeserved like you and is anxious to find a reasonable and awesome man who can give her witty answers and make her smile in a way she couldn’t find possible.

And well… if you make her smile (truly smile, an inside smile), it’s done!. She is yours and that’s how love is born. And this time, we hope, that love won’t have to die inside of you again.

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64 thoughts on “Break your heart and finally feel free

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  2. O Ricardo, Ricardo! You are just a beautiful soul! Tell you what? The love of our Father in you, will overcome all of your heart breaks! Love is not so many splendorous things! Love, the love of the Father in and for us is not at all like the worldly splendor that we call love! The love of our Father is real & though–it endures all things and lasts forever!
    Thanks for your faithful visits! Until the next one! 🙂

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  3. Of what I have learned in my way of searching for love, it is always worth it. Do you know the Japanese Kintsugi/Kintsukuroi art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum? As a philosophy it treats breakage and repair as part of the history of an object, rather than something to disguise.
    So make her smile and the way she repairs your heart will make it even more beautiful, repaired with “gold”. Your heart will have history that makes it special just as it is.

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  4. Self analysing everything has always been my thing, and to finally see somebody else doing it, feels wonderful! You are being honest with yourself and accepting things for what they are, very few people do that.
    Hoping that you find love soon.
    Following for more stories from you. 🙂

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  5. Very well done expressing the emotions, feelings and thoughts of youthful love. With age comes wisdom, for most. I think you will acquire much wisdom in your life. Finding the true love of my life, after many heartaches, dispelled the illusion that those relationships were really love. Over 37 years of marriage, four children, and five grandchildren later the love of my life still makes my heart flutter when I gaze upon him. Love borne of a lifetime commitment just keeps growing. I hope you find that love and experience the fullness of true love to the very end of this life.
    Thank you for visiting my page. Blessings.

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    1. O but how I admire the likes of you! I used to be a senior companion and been blessed with the friendship of several beautiful long marriage ladies–one, a widow after 63 yrs of happy marriage! What a blessing to know or even hear someone like you! 🙂

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  6. Lovely post about acceptance, forgiveness, and growth. There’s little as wonderful as being loved by the one you love, and little as heartbreaking as loving the one who can’t give the same in return. We can’t force love on one who doesn’t feel it and will be disappointed if we try.

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  7. You have touched a deep cord in my heart. I’ve experienced the one true love of my life. Since our departure I’ve never loved again. However, I am grateful that I know there is a such thing as one true love.

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  8. ah, the choice of what we think (this happens anyway) and the decision of what we do with that thinking… that’s often what unrequited love is all about… being confused in the fantasy, rather than the reality… thank you this piece; it got me thinking…

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      1. Hey,

        I love the eyes closed part. Also, I think it’s possible for her to love you as a friend because she sees you as a great guy. Personally, it’s rare that I meet a guy I really like as friend. I don’t think it’s a question of deserving/undeserving. Like you said, unrecruited love is probably one of the worst things ever… What do you mean by love though?

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        1. Of course people say there’s all kinds of love. Ok, that’s true.
          However, for me, the form of love that messes with us on a deeper level, it’s “romantic love”.
          In my opinion, love is when you want the other person to be better than yourself, and you feel like contributing to that. It’s when you care for her well being more than yours..
          In the moment you see her smile and you feel complete by knowing that she is happy, and that’s all you need to know. You feel so peaceful there, just standing by and rejoicing with her evident joy.
          And I think there’s very few people in your life that can make you feel like this, if not only one. 😉
          And of course friendship is the base of love. For you to love, you must consider her your best friend, and she’ll be your best friend, forever, even if you stopped being friends with her. Because we know relations like this, when left unrequited, have to end, forcefully. Many times friendships end, for the incompatibility and disparity of emotions hurts too much. To not be able to do a thing to change that, to make her love you, it kills you.
          And so it ends, and you may not see or talk to her again in your life, but you’ll always be her best friend, as you care for her like no else will; and she yours because she is the only one who awakens in you the person you wanted to be, but never had a chance.
          Thanks, have a nice day! 🙂

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  9. Wow that is a beautiful post. I love it. I have been thinking about friendship and relationships and how they go hand in hand, and how basically they have the same grounds but there are just these tiny differences that change it all.
    Thank you for liking my post. What I would like to know is what you think about it. If you could leave a comment or something that would be amazing.
    You are a much better writer than me. You completely pulled me in, and I would love to be able to write like you do some day.
    Thank you ❤
    Love Franzi (

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  10. Hi Ricardo 🙂

    Lovely sharing of a yearning felt by many… I believe we each have our own perspective within a relationship requited or unrequited. Loving oneself unconditionally releases all expectation of loving another… One is then free, complete and authentically living one’s Truth and in essence, in harmonious alignment to attract unconditional love to self. ❤ ❤ ❤

    Thank you for introducing me to your blog by liking my image. I look forward to future posts.

    Love & Light,


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  11. The “marriage” made in Heaven is between our spirit and our soul, our Eve and our Adam, neither misleading or blaming the other (Jesus is the priest who will perform that awesome ceremony and breathe eternal life into that couple-dom). I pray for you to get through the hormonal time of your life, to where I am now (post two divorces and two children) where that is my focus. It is not constantly a bust when God’s in charge of your peace instead of another faulty person who doesn’t know what they really want. There is nothing more dangerous than a human who doesn’t know what they really want. : ) God bless you, dear, and thanks for visiting!!

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  12. Whatever you have mentioned it’s true and applicable only when your girl has break up the relationship. But we don’t deserve to live when the fault is at our end and by the time we realized she already moved away.

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  13. Wow beautiful story, and so so true!
    I sometimes wonder is I truly loved some girl unconditionally, that means for me, when she choose to spend life with me, I love her the same, but, it also means, that when she decide to spend her life without me, the feeling stays the same… if you ask yourself the question if you had that kind of feeling for a girl (or boy) who you still love.. I do think about my ex girlfriend sometimes, but it has been over 6 years now, and finally I let her go (feeling wise) So that also might not be unconditional love in the end… Love can work in such amazing, but also devastating ways.. but, I think we can all agree, that Love is the strongest energy in the universe!

    Thanks again, I really enjoyed reading your story!
    Following your blog for more story’s to read!
    Take care!
    Love and Light

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  14. Ricardo, thanks for liking my post. There are two ways to understand love, one is from the perspective of tribe, which your post does beautifully. The other is from the perspective of the Buddhas. Their way begins with selfishness. First know yourself, then you will understand the inescapable reality of the other. Love is expectation free.

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  15. How beautifully expressed…so does that all mean that there is a happy ending to every love story? Do you have a sequel to what happens if you keep missing your true love connection? I would call you an optimist…

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    1. I think life will not always be made of “missing”. We are not that unlucky, i prefer to think so. Each time you love, each time you learn and the closer you will be to finding the real thing, not just the illusion of it.

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    1. I think love is only an illusion, when its one-sided (you just wanted it to be real, but it can’t be done alone). If two people are comitted and in love with each other, for me, love can be a true and authentic thing.

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      1. Nicely put but love is literal, emotional, spiritual, physical and ethereal therefore it can mean different things at different times.
        Self love is real one sided love and that creates the problem when we confuse our love of self for love of another because they make us feel something about ourselves, therefore to experience love we must first understand where it originates within us. Loved the post

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