An unexpected beginning always indicates that something, somehow ended

I decided to start this blog for the simple reason that change has to be made, or to better say, change simply happens in our lives and we must learn how to deal with it. It occurs unpredictably and we, thinking organisms capable of feeling something beyond the primal urge to survive and prosper in this world, have always struggled with it. Because change breaks us and exposes us to what we thought as distant realities, incapable of touching our lives. And it changes us in a curious and strange way.

From there, we only have two options: To rise with the knowledge acquired as a result of the mistake we did; or to let go of truth, and fall into the abyss of hopelessness and unfounded depression. And yes, if you look at things objectively, you will find depression as something we create because we are tired and unwilling to discover the brand new beauties life has to offer.

And when we say depression, we say LOVE. You see, love can be the cause of a lot of things, and it will change you, and please don’t you will to fight against it because you will always lose, (yeah always!, really!). And even when you may think you’ve actually won… OH, that’s when you totally lost! So, my advice is for you to become good and rise from love, even tough it hurt you, even if it almost killed you, or even if you think you’re actually dead now, and what people see when they look at you is nothing but that primal instinct I talked at first, only that primordial instinctive power and will to watch another fiery sunshine and grey-fogged sunrise.

Maybe its just that, but you can’t deny its power to keep you up when all you really want is to just fall back and sleep forever; and then live inside that dream where she loves you back, or you don’t love her that much. That´s what you and me, and lots of other people dream of.

To live happy and free and blind to feelings that hold us back and softly shorten our breath in those frequent moments we let ourselves go from this world and enter the doors of lucid dreaming. And here is a fact: Lucid Dreams can really break you apart exactly because they look real and mainly because they FEEL real.

But they aren’t and that’s why they can be so harmful. Up there, in your head, everything is possible, maybe in there she may be even thinking of you right now. Oh, what a lovely coincidence, right!? It would be so good if I had reasons to think like that after im aware of myself and stop glazing the water bottle I was about to drink.

Probably not, you are not residing in her head right now, maybe you never did, but you prefer to think so, as it hurts less if you see it that way.But well, that’s enough of love for now, it has to be enough because if I would dare to keep writing about this topic, I would die here, on this chair, and still having not said it all. So yeah, moving on.

When Beatles say “All we need is Love”. Sure, that’s pretty much true! But beware of love, as it can be ruthless and involving, and it undoubtedly possesses the capacity of breaking you up without any previous warning.I only wish happy thoughts for you all and an even better day. For the day is dark and full of terrors… ups, sorry! Melisandre, not now… Today will be shiny and awesome.

About the main topic of this blog, let it flow and we’ll see what happens. However, I think I’ll mainly focus on the subjective side of things with the objective of discovering the true colors behind the complexity of people and why do those colors exist in the first place.

Be happy and try to not overthink everything…

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14 thoughts on “An unexpected beginning always indicates that something, somehow ended

  1. Honestly, you should write a book. Every time I read one of your post it’s like reading a chapter from a heart – breaking yet awakening book. Who knows, you might be the next Nicholas Sparks. Good luck and keep it up!

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    1. Thank you very much!! Yes, I think I should ponder starting to write, more seriously, since I’ve been hearing such a great feedback from you.
      The thing is, how do I actually start a book? What would be theme (well, love right!?), and the story? Would I make some sort of Nicholas Sparks’s novel or should I go instead for a more real adivice/insight paper, like I’m doing now.
      Perhaps I should go with second, it’s MY thing. Should I basically collect the stories I’ve wtitten so far and compile them, add some more text and intertwine them.
      You know, these are the questions that I’m still trying to figure out. I’m yet discovering how to actually write it, that’s maybe what’s keeping me from going on and do it.
      But for now this is it, and it’s not too bad, right!? 😉 Thanks again for the interest and appreciation! 🙂

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      1. It’s a very good start and I really think you should write a novel. At least try it on wattpad and see how it goes. Your words just flow and I think if you do it as a diary it will be really successful, as we all love them. It’s just a suggestion but it’s worth trying.

        Liked by 1 person

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